Services for Landlords

Round the clock support for private landlords and Estate agents with property in Cardiff

If you are a Cardiff Property Letting Agent or Landlord and need a company to service your properties we can help. Similarly if you are an Estate Agent in Cardiff and would like a local Handyman services  that you can recommend to your clients, then we are on-hand. We have an experienced and flexible team and we can provide any of the following services:

  • House clearance
  • Refurbishments for existing properties and relocations
  • Redecoration
  • Fixing broken toilets
  • Garden maintenance

Repair Service for Landlords

Being a landlord means dealing with multiple properties – which, in turn, means making sure your properties are comfortable, appealing and safe.

Looking after one house can be a chore, with small jobs cropping up here and there and no time to fix them. This is where Handyman.Wales comes in, providing the best landlord and maintenance services for affordable prices.

We know that houses with repair issues and maintenance needs are empty houses. For you, this means lost money every day the house remains unoccupied. Our experienced, friendly and quick handymen work to the highest standards, ensuring you can get back to business as soon as possible.

We can undertake plumbing and electrical repairs, taking care of those emergencies that crop up for every landlord. We arrive quickly – no matter the day or time, and will work until your property is back in top condition. This could mean replacing or fixing light fittings, replacing extractor fans, replacing electrical sockets, transformers or switches, as well as undertaking electrical fault finding work on your properties.

In addition to electrical and gas maintenance, Handyman.Wales can also help spruce up your decorating. Our handymen can patch plaster with cracks or holes, undertake grouting, re-seal bathrooms or kitchens and paint and tile. Whatever the job, we can help your property look good again and become the asset you want it to be.

well as helping repair and certify your properties, we can also help with a range of other jobs.

Aside from repair and replacement work, our handymen can provide other services to help turn your property into a home ready for occupation.

This could mean moving furniture and other hard-to-move items, hanging pictures and mirrors, putting together flat pack furniture, fitting blinds and curtains, hanging plasma and LCD TVs, and any other odd jobs that you might have.

Handyman.Wales knows that it’s a hard job managing properties, with the constant issues that can arise. That’s why we offer a quick, affordable, best-quality handymen for repairs, installations and nearly every odd job you have.

For repairs, decorating, electrical repairs and checks,or any other job you have – major or minor.

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We can assist with ad-hoc building maintenance services or regular contract work for let properties in Cardiff. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.