Saniflo and Macerator repairs

Handyman.Wales are specialists in Saniflo and macerator repairs.

We can offer same-day or next-day bookings. Which means one of our experts will get to you fast and have your saniflo serviced quickly, 8 out of 10 saniflos are repaired in under 2 hours.

We charge £60.00 for first hour and £20 per hour there after for a standard Saniflo repair.

Our standard fixed price repair will cure noisy units, free any jams and blockages within the unit, fix minor electrical faults or leaks & overflows.

Any replacement parts fitted or descalers used will be charged in addition charge.

It is recommended that Saniflo Descaler is used for up to 3-4 times per year depending on water hardness in your area.

A lot of Saniflo start stop problems are due to limescale build up, if you use Saniflo Descaler when you have a new Saniflo installed it keeps the limescale away. If you don’t use the Descaler you will start to experience problems around the 4-5 mark.

If you don’t descale a Saniflo system they can give off bad odours which can be unpleasant.

Please note!

Bleach or other toilet cleaning chemicals or kettle descalers do not descale a Saniflo or any other macerator pump, all they do is damage the rubber internal parts and can cause shrinkage. Saniflo Descaler is a phosphoric based descaler especially formulated for Saniflo and other macerator pumps. Saniflo descaler does the job and we can vouch for the product.

We can  descale your Saniflo Macerator pump for £88.00 including Saniflo Descaler Cleanser and labour.